[January 13, 2015]


Nice Start is now available for Kindle.


[September 20, 2014]


Nice Start author Mark Chussil delivered a workshop, “Nice Start! Now What?“, at his Harvard Business School reunion. An overflow crowd of 150 people attended.

Here’s some of what “Nice Start! Now What?” covered in 1½ energetic hours:

Life is not a checklist, bucket list, or shopping list. So what is your life?

In this highly interactive session, participants will ask, and answer, thought-provoking questions about themselves and their lives. They will:
— Find out who they are at the core
— Learn how to recognize when they’ve stopped thinking too soon
— Consider whether it’s bad to lose $80 million
— Explore how many days they have felt truly alive
— Get to know their one-way trips, two life-changing words, and fighting tigers.

And much more. Participants should come prepared to think, share, and smile.

Please contact Mark — mark |at| nicestart.ws — if you’re interested in a similar program for your group.

See also “Succeeding without Competing.”


[October 1, 2013]


The Dreams of Human Hearts“: a Nice Start guest blog for Babette Bensoussan & Co.


[May 26, 2013]


Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael, said this about Nice Start: “A treasury of mind-expanding adventures, full of wisdom and sudden insights.”

Harvard Business School is giving copies of Nice Start to alumni returning for reunions.


[March 18, 2013]


See a 9-minute Nice Start video, “The Purpose of Your Life,” on YouTube.


[February 28, 2013]


See a 10-minute Nice Start video, “Your One-Way Trip Through Life,” on YouTube.


[February 4, 2013]


Harvard Business School is giving Nice Start to its coaches in Alumni Career and Professional Development.


[September 27, 2012]

EVENT: October 10, 2012

Nice Start: Now What?will be part of HBS Global Networking Night, October 10, for The Harvard Business School Association of Oregon. Nice Start author Mark Chussil (HBS MBA ’79) will present. Greatest hits from the HBS webinar described below.


[September 25, 2012]


Interview with Nice Start author Mark Chussil on “Living Consciously” by Lillian Brummet, host of Conscious Discussions Talk Radio. You can listen to the interview. 60 minutes.


[August 21, 2012]

EVENT: September 6, 2012

Harvard Business School’s Career Management Webinar Series for Fall 2012 starts off on September 6 with “Nice Start: Now What?” Nice Start author Mark Chussil (HBS MBA ’79) will present. Open to all HBS alumni.

From the webinar description:

We’re not going to talk about making a living; we’re going to talk about living. This is a webinar about you and your life. We’ll ask and answer essential, thought-provoking questions to help you get more of what you want in your life. Your life is not a checklist, bucket list, or shopping list. So what is your life? During this presentation we will:

– Use a simple exercise to find out who you are at your core
– Learn how to recognize when you’ve stopped thinking too soon
– Gain a deeper, more-satisfying perspective on paying attention to your life
– Go beyond silly clichés and superficially serious questions; listen to yourself


[August 10, 2012]


Interview with Nice Start author Mark Chussil on “Unlock Your Wealth Radio” by Heather Wagenhals. You can listen to the interview. The Nice Start part begins at 3:50 and ends at 36:00.


[July 29, 2012]

EVENT: August 2, 2012

Nice Start launch party! And book signing, delightful get-together, and celebration of toe socks. Meet the author. Meet cool people. Ask interesting questions, and answer them.

West Café, 1201 SW Jefferson (corner of SW 12th), Portland, Oregon
Thursday, August 2
5:30 – 7:30 pm

For more information please write us at to Nice Start.


[April 4, 2012]


How dare you? Good question. How do you dare? And what do you dare? “Dare,” a chapter in Nice Start, is on PSI Seminars’ blog.


[March 19, 2012]


Video! A 55-minute mini-workshop with Nice Start author Mark Chussil, interviewed by Living Life As An Exclamation Point! best-selling author Rémy Chaussé.
[November 29, 2011]


“Success,” a chapter from Nice Start, headlines Grand Strand Boomers today. You can also read it here or download: “Success.”


[ September 26, 2011 ]


Visit this page for more sample chapters from Nice Start. Featured now, read it here or download: “School Today.”


[ August 29, 2011 ]


Scientific American reports on The Pitfalls of Positive Thinking (September 2011), based on research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. According to Heather Barry Kappes of New York University, one of the study’s co-authors, people may be better off imagining how to surmount obstacles instead of ignoring them.

Or let’s put it this way, from the very first paragraph of Nice Start: “You find it hard to imagine Cap­tain Picard solving a galactic emergency on the starship Enter­prise by com­manding his crew, ‘Wish it so!'”


[ August 25, 2011 ]


“Thankfulness,” an excerpt from Nice Start, appears as an article in GlamourUnderground.com. It has a nice little introduction and ending. “Occasionally [other people] will notice me. When they do, I hope that I’ve lived my life in such a way that they are thankful for me.”