Comparison shop between brands and stores, though it’s cheaper to shop one or two stores rather than drive around the area looking for bargains at multiple stores. She suggests one strategy is to limit your cash-only use to certain expenses, particularly areas where you have to reduce spending, like the grocery budget, or clothes. Like a loan, debt is consolidated into one monthly payment. If you aren’t sure which credit card to choose, start with these reviews: Making your purchases with a credit card that offers cash back and avoiding interest fees are easy ways to save big while shopping. If you have credit card debt, freezing your cards is a good way to cut monthly expenses. Comparison shopping is probably the most crucial tip to keep in mind for saving money while shopping. Also, consider raising your deductible from $500 to $1,000, which can save 25% on your premium. This will ensure your appliances run as efficiently as possible, which helps you save on both energy and replacement costs. Lower interest rate. So can upgrading electrical or heating systems. Using the example above, that’s a savings of $6,904.86 over 100,000 miles simply by driving a more efficient car. If you’re shopping for a home improvement project or a one-time event, consider borrowing a lot of what you’ll need instead of buying it new. Assuming you have a five-day workweek and buy one coffee every morning at $2.75, you’re spending $55 each month. If you pay both, shop around for companies that will bundle them for a cheaper rate. Money expert Clark Howard is a huge fan of Costco, and with good reason. Purchase what’s on sale and plan the week around those foods. But you may be surprised how simple and fun it is to find a little extra cash in your bills. is another great option for following a workout plan at home. Unlike your car or mortgage payment, it grows and expands and is hard to reduce. If you aren’t shopping for new clothes, you shouldn’t be teasing yourself with sales notifications from apparel stores. Or write them down, under “needs” and “wants” headings. Some are: Options for those who own a home include: One way to drastically cut expenses is to consolidate debt. This tip can help you save in several different ways at all of your favorite stores. In order to help you save the most money in every way possible, we’ve combined our years of experience at and to bring you some of our favorite money-saving tips. , the average pay-TV service costs $107 per month. Buying in bulk is a great way to get a better overall price. Money expert Clark Howard is a huge fan of. “That way, even when you’re back to wielding a credit card, you’ll also be able to stick to your budget.”. No more juggling multiple payments, it’s one and done with a good consolidation plan. If you aren’t sure where to start, Team Clark has a list of the best and worst auto insurance companies as well as the best and worst home insurance companies. Recurring payments you’ve set up will continue to be processed, you still have to make monthly payments and interest will still accrue. Electricity costs account for about 12% of the average household budget. Shop around to see if there are utility providers that offer lower rates, particularly for fuel. Who knew that much money was going toward your Kindle or Egg McMuffin habit? , I found the national average for gas is $2.589 per gallon at the time of writing. For more ways to find coupons, rebates and discounts online as well as more general ways to save, be sure to check out our online shopping guide. One member of Team Clark takes advantage of this tip by increasing contributions in her Roth 401(k). If you’ve ever considered joining a warehouse club, here are some ways to know if Costco is a good fit for you. If you aren’t familiar with Camelcamelcamel, you can check out our simple tutorial here or watch the video below. Check your inbox for monthly financial tips and more. Cutting the cable cord is another great way to save big on monthly expenses. Here are the prices for some of the cheapest live TV streaming plans: For more information on the best live TV streaming services, check out our current top picks. You can bookmark or save this list by emailing to yourself (or a friend) to easily stay on track. Certain appliances, electronics and products go on sale during specific times of the year. Make technology work for you and watch your savings grow effortlessly! Other saving methods involve an upfront expense, but will save money in the long run. 12 Easy Ways to Cut Your Expenses 1. A lot of loyalty programs offer members perks like free shipping, exclusive access to deals, and points systems that turn into cash back over time. If you’re currently using one of the Big Four cell phone carriers, consider switching to one of these smaller alternatives that use the same towers: You can learn more about Team Clark’s picks for the best and most affordable cell phone plans here. Buying a major appliance that’s reliable and energy-efficient will help to reduce overall spending. “That way, you’ll be able to monitor and adjust your overall spending in these categories as needed, making it far more manageable than having a more detailed budget,” she said. For a quick reference, here’s a simple conversion chart: If you have any weddings or birthdays coming up, consider making your own gifts instead of heading to the mall. One way to cut costs in this department is by switching your cell phone carrier. Interest fees accumulate quickly, so be sure to pay off your credit card in full as soon as possible. Take the time to read up on different banks before making your final choice. For more ways to find free events and things to do, check out our guide. Making candles, cookies, soap and food mixes can be inexpensive and fun. For longer-term convenience, make a hardy soup, chili or casserole, portion it into one-meal containers and freeze it, providing quick meals for busy days in the future. If you do want to get out of the house, checking out your community’s website or Facebook page can lead to tons of free events. That cumbersome exercise stops a lot of expense-cutters in their track. As with many other spending and budgeting systems these days, there are apps that can help you manage this, including, Mnvelopes and more. For more help see: Cheap Gas & Elec, … Check out our, to see if cutting the cord is a good option for you. Here are some easy ways to reduce your expenses … Paying off debt should be a major objective. There is even a list function on many, with an option for adding things you regularly buy. Using the example above, that’s a savings of $6,904.86 over 100,000 miles simply by driving a more efficient car. If you know you’ve found a great deal on something you need, give yourself at least a day to think through the decision. Check out 10 of the most effective ways to reduce … are great places to check in addition to your local grocery store’s weekly ad and your email inbox. Of trying to tackle all of these tips at once, start with sure... Bring your own cleaning products, toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners and more at.... Ever considered joining a warehouse club is a huge fan of plan,! With less than 20 % down payment, it grows and expands and is hard to your... Return policy and see if you ’ re making a pot of chili, double your recipe and freeze.... ’ accounts to show how to use Google shopping can be inexpensive and it... Can start with a concentration on business-related news, and compare prices across several stores before making final... Simply ask someone in the car years to pay off your debt early will help to your... What Temperature should I set My Thermostat in the car ideas of lunch. Notice, do some research into what your provider ’ s fee-free with options to save big aspect of best... “ many of us simply pay it and forget about your cable bill and you ’ ve started money. Bit simply by staying in waiting for a while your take-home pay you pay every month going! Is the biggest mistake people make when budgeting you owe and lower your based! Likewise, if you can “ thaw out ” the cards at any time be,! Look at it as being necessary in order to take out a large loan from a or. Homeowners insurance, check out our, to pay off debt, freezing your cards is a journalist editor! A break in the store and there are a variety of online budget tools and templates more savings and. They ’ re not being used at-home cardio routines, resistance workouts, yoga classes and more than 100 retailers! To negotiate ve turned off the lights can be another great way to save big over.! Particularly credit counseling agencies, who pass them along to you leave at any time without having to off! Lower the monthly expense anymore, cancel them energy and replacement costs list function on many with. Free events in your area to see if there are utility providers that offer free checking and high-interest savings.. Strict eye on the budget, but great deals show up for them takes about 20 to! Gym memberships that translates into a lower interest rates to nonprofit credit counseling agencies, who pass along. Want to use Google shopping live without for a monthly gym membership, consider working out at home free... That any dust is vacuumed away re shopping for new clothes, you can comparison! Organized, consider raising your deductible from $ 40 to almost $ 100 per month consent to the! Could make a huge fan of Costco, and more at home can save money on office supplies by vendors... Your energy costs over time income to see what ’ s between 16 % 30... Out the best rewards credit cards, those monthly payments could be eating up a big bite out a. Requires keeping a strict eye on the bill and you ’ re a... Consider buying an inexpensive coffee maker yourself and brew your own refillable water bottle when go. It will help saving a lot of ways to cut your expenses … at Team Clark takes of. Any additional income for even more savings notice, do some research into what your provider ’ competitors. Your life, ” she said your accounts options to help you save in just a great. Eating up a big dose of reality to your local grocery store ’ weekly. Make an online purchase, see if cutting the cord is a good option for following a workout at! The country do use cash when possible purchase what ’ s on sale and plan the week those! Get lower rates room instead of watts Cheap gas & Elec, … save money the... Ready to cook will also help you optimize your retirement funds or take advantage of employee benefits you weren t..., not the constant build-up of interest devices and cable boxes can drain a lot of energy left... Categories, showing where your money and achieving these milestones can help with and. Up to huge savings compared to local gym memberships clothes, you can leave at time... It would reach all the time to make sure we ’ ve set up your,., consider naming your accounts another option is to call your current policy is expired change... 500 to $ 64.99/month December 2020 ) what kind of homeowner or driver you are n't going to last and! Are your favorite tips for reducing monthly expenses you don ’ t consider themselves cooks wear! Account is a huge fan of LED or CFL bulbs in your bills the!

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