Who wants excellent build quality, eight (8!!) There’s at least one peak in treble which is clearly shown by Carbon Based Lifeform’s Polyrytmi: it can be fatiguing, especially as the volume rises. $25~$30. It has a more neutral sound signature, with a much more restrained bass presentation and a … TRN says the aluminium is “aerospace-grade”, but to my untrained eyes that can’t tell it from common aluminium it just seems sturdy metal that should guarantee good durability of the earphones. It has a roughly triangular shape, with all edges smoothed out and curved. The bass was as good as the V80 but the upper ranges were tamed quite a bit. They are a good size and weight with rounded well designed shape for comfortable wearing. Learn how your comment data is processed. The headphone units themselves are very good quality and sturdy. Plug Type : 3.5mm Straight Plug 9. We literally have thousands of great products in all product categories. What I really can’t wrap my head around is why they stick to that terrible cable. They have a great sound. Fit in the ear is very good, once inserted stay firm. TRN are mostly know for their dual DD dual BA’S iem call V80, wich get very popular due to their very affordable price, bass and vivid sound and excellent construction. I tested the TRN V90 using an RHA DACAMP L1, a HiBy R5 and a FiiO M9, all with the same source files (mostly FLACs in 16 bit, 44.1 kHz). It is really nice, with a perfect curve to the memory wire and nice metal connectors. The TRN V90, like most hybrids, has its dynamics boosted relative to natural which makes it most appealing to music that is generated electronically. drivers, and a nice punchy sound signature for under $50? Perfect suit for Recording in-ear audio monitor. The V90's on the otherhand have the mids recessed with piercing highs. Yeah, I know.). Аудіотехніка » Навушники 299 грн. The brand has a wide range of products from in-ear monitors to TWS of earphones. Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. Nebula Capsule Max review: wherever cinema, Best earphones, headphones, DACs, amplifiers, DAPs, Sometimes fatiguing upper midrange and treble. The bass is a little slow and sounds a bit muddy. SELECT COMPARISONS. It is the latter model, the TRN V80, that has gained a bit of notoriety recently as a good budget IEM.. Disclaimer: the TRN V80 is a free sample I won’t need to return. Possibly due to the fact that midrange is produced by a balanced armature there is good speed, but little physicality. Çok şükürki önceki model V80’in bence sıkıcı ve kapkaranlık tınısı bunda yok. It’s not a neutral reference earphone, but the fact is it’s probably what you want if you are listening for pleasure. The V90 is the new flagship hybrid IEM from TRN, who are probably best known for their excellent 2DD + 2BA V80 hybrid earphone. Sometimes with noteworthy products, sometimes not, with an almost strict alternation in good and not-so-good products. TRN V80 has a strong emphasis on the treble, the treble is sharp (a little bit over the border in my opinion). The V90 is wider too, at 74.4 inches (189.0 centimeters) compared to the V60’s 72.8-inch (185.0 centimeters) width. The only element out of place is the damned ear hook on the cable, which presses on the top of your ears and causes fatigue after half an hour. TRN has once again developed a model that simply conquered the price-to-performance battlefield. As far as high-quality earphones go, this one is top-notch, and is probably the best pair of earphones you can get in that price range. About TRN:-TRN is a China-based brand usually famous for its budget-friendly hi-fi sounding IEMs. Bass is prominent and clearly emphasised, as it emerges on top of midrange and even on top of treble. More from Volvo: Volvo V60 Cross Country Already Confirmed Still, the treble-sensitive folks will probably find it fatiguing. Hey there! TRN V90 vs Blon BL-03. The TRN V80 was my favorite of their lineup but it was a bit on the bright side. The TRN V10 was not great, the V20 was decent, the V60 was forgettable and the V80 seems to be good. For less than $40 the V80 is superbly built, has outstanding clarity and a well-defined, punchy bass. Treble is clear and clean, with no uncomfortable peaks or sibilance. They are upfront and in your face with mids with good bass. Posted on July 12, 2019 August 30, 2019 by Oscar Stewart. The TRN V80 headphones have a very deep and clear bass, the mids are simply great, the highs are transparent and airy. TRN V80 ø10mm + ø6mm Dynamic Drivers + 2 × Balanced Armatures. At the time of writing the TRN V80 is listed at $38. The peak in the upper part can be fatiguing at times, but it’s not large enough to cause issues in most cases. TRN is a relatively new player in the Chinese IEM market. Product Name: TRN V90 4BA+1DD Hybrid Metal In Ear Earphone 2. Firstly I would like to thank linsoul for this sample. And they’re comfortable, too. These are good earphones for rock and acoustic music. 4.5/5.0. Baslar en yukarıda, tizler altında, en aşağıda midler var. TRN V90 REVIEW : SOUND: 8/10 CONSTRUCTION: 9/10 DESIGN: 9/10 VALUE: 8.5/10 THE PLUS: Clear, accurate near analytical sound Excellent construction and design Value THE SO-SO: Thin, dry timbre Sloppy sub bass and lack of mid bass roundness can sound congested with too much instruments playing at same time NO BS RECOMMENDED. From the build, comfort, sound quality and detail in every frequency range is just crazy. Separation is quite good even in crowded tracks. The V90, annoyingly, seems to follow this trend pretty hard. TRN V80 ($38 USD) The TRN V80 has a more emphasized bass which is more punchy and textured than the K2. TRN has long been active in the super-budget area of the IEM market. The earphones are made of metal and are very reliable. Earphone sensitivity: 110dB/mW 7. TRN T200 vs Mpow T5/ M5. Model: V90 4. Feelings as if the sound stage comes to life right in front of you. Today I’ll be checking out the TRN V80, a quad-driver budget hybrid (2DD+2BA) model. TRN V80 Quad Driver Hybrid In-ear Earphones, Hybrid Technology Earphones, Bluetooth Cable, Metal Shell Design, Ergonomic design, Ergonomic design, Comfortable and secure fit, Hybrid Technology Earphones, Advanced Tuning Technology, Aluminum Metal Shell Design, Etymotic Research ER3-SE In-Ear Headphones, Etymotic Research ER4-SR Studio Reference In-Ear Isolating Earphone, Etymotic Research ER4S-B In-Ear Headphones, Shure SE535-CL-E Premium Sound Isolating Earphones, Westone UM Pro 10 Single Driver IEM Earphones, Westone AM Pro 10 Single Driver IEM Earphones, Etymotic Research ER3-XR In-Ear Headphones, Etymotic Research ER4-XR In-Ear Headphones, RHA CL750 Noise Isolating Precision High Impedance In-Ear Headphones, Fiio FA1 Single Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitors, Tin Audio T3 Dynamic Hybrid driver In-Ear Earphones, Best Selfie Sticks to Capture the Best Moments. TRN V90 is one of the best hybrid headphones in its price segment. Related Searches: trn v80 trn ba5 trn. Copyright © 2016 - 2020 Soundphile Review In any case, a new earphone cable is probably warranted. All opinions expressed are my own subjective findings TRN V90 is hand-tuned with handmade advanced crossover electronics. There are also what appear to be two holes with a kind of filter in them, which should improve bass response by allowing air to escape and therefore avoiding pressure to build up. I’ve had some mixed opinions of the TRN lineup thus far. ­ All Rights Reserved. It also works quite well for classical but a good DD is preferable. In fact, Company/product listings on this page DO NOT imply endorsement by the site operator. It’s really simple and made a bit more sophisticated through the use of a circle with the TRN logo on the faceplate. Everything is audible, bass audible, highs. TRN is yet another ChiFi company that has popped up in the last couple of years and seemingly puts out new products ever few months or so. Great sound. It also has a good amount of detail. The TRN V90 is a very good sounding earphone that is going to please a lot of people due to its natural and warm leaning profile and slightly enhanced bass. Review: TRN V80 Hybrid IEM’s. Its midrange is cleaner and slightly more resolving at the cost of being leaner and less rich, although it does maintain smoothness similar to the K2. You may feel fatigue listening to TRN V80 especially if you are coming from a warm sounding earphone and find it too sharp. Other than that, treble is mostly fine: it doesn’t have a large extension, but it has enough to have a decent amount of air and openness. This will bring remarkably stereo separation and smooth phase response, leading to more dynamic realistic imaging and staging for both casual and studio use. Thank you. The shells are entirely made of the material, with the exception of the nozzle which appears to be at least different in how it’s worked (but it may be a different material altogether). TRN V90 vs TRN V80: the V80 and the V90 are surprisingly similar, but they have a few key differences. Thank you! They are very well-balanced. Frequency range: 7-40000Hz 8. Sunumu karanlıkca. Disclaimer: I received this unit free of charge from AK Audio, who sell it for ~$35. My full review, with measurements, pictures, and comparisons with the Blon BL-03 and KZ ZSX can be found on my blog: TRN V90 Yes. (but the cable still sucks. The TRN V90 tends to emphasize when brass instruments and cymbals are garbled in the recording. It was terrible on the V10 and it’s still terrible now. Speed is quite good for a dynamic driver and possibly the best thing about bass together with its physicality. The earphones come with 3 sets of silicone tips in small, medium and large size. It’s not really stiff in its entirety, but it is enough locally to form lots of kinks that are annoying to deal with. The TRN-v80 is a tough one to write up because the sound signature varies. By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on AliExpress. The V80 are much more sibilance and annoying in the upper region, which was the main problem of the V80s. I wasn't a big fan of the V80 but thought the V90 was fairly decent relative to other offerings at the $50 mark at the time. The seal is always critical and none of the stock tips fit perfectly so I traded out for Auvio wide-bore (L) tips to solve that issue. That’s possibly because of the thick plastic used for the sleeve. The V90 takes a lot of their previous approaches and puts together their most coherent IEM yet, but its not without its flaws. TRN V90 vs TRN V80 Are the V90 an upgrade of the V80? TRN V90 Ses. TRN V80 ($30): Punchier at the low end and more piercing in the treble. Midrange is itself V-shaped, with a larger presence in the lower area but especially in the upper area, where it has its peak. Later on I got a TRN V90 and while I never got around to reviewing it, well, it’s alright. Feel free to leave a comment. The good amount of detail portrayed, the good physicality and the overall good technical ability make the TRN V90 quite attractive. Good sound quality, great bass, highs seem a touch bright. These are amazingly well built, super solid metal casings, and are really quite weighty! The Blon BL-03 uses a single carbon nanotube dynamic driver. Earphone type: In-ear 5. The TRN V90 is a $53 IEM that is probably the best IEM TRN has put out yet. Cable Length: 1.25m … They have widely famous products like the TRN V80, TRN V90, which were highly appreciated by the music lovers. Please, TRN, will you switch to a more civilised cable that doesn’t hurt my ears for the next model? The TRN-labelled case is not included in the box and was provided to me separately; you can find it in the best earphone cases article. Київ, Голосіївський 22 лист. It sparkles, some people will love this because of treble clarity. TRN V90 REVIEW : SOUND: 8/10 CONSTRUCTION: 9/10 DESIGN: 9/10 VALUE: 8.5/10 Now it’s time to review the last (i think) multi hybrid BA’s from chinese audio company TRN. Now it’s time… Despite the TRN V90 having a V-shaped signature, midrange does not appear too recessed or distant, although it clearly sits behind bass and treble. Oh everyone? These earbuds are fantastic. Impedance: 22Ω 6.   Isolation is decent, but barely more than that: in crowded and noisy place it shows its limits as a large chunk of the noise gets in and forcese you to raise the volume. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Fit perfect. 2020 popular wholesale, Related Products, Promotion, Price trends in Consumer Electronics, Earphones & Headphones, Phone Earphones & Headphones, Earphones with trn v90 and wholesale, Related Products, Promotion, Price. It replaces the CCA-C10 as my consumer-friendly budget hybrid IEM recommendation. They feel durable in the hand, and look great. More info, Copyright © 2020 www.bestadvisers.co.uk. The Mpow, however, offers better instrument placement within its large soundstage. Great sound, hear from deep bass notes to cymbals and clear vocals. Living in Glasgow, Scotland but born and raised near Milan, Italy, I got the the passion for music listening as a legacy from my father and my grandfather.

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