Songs are an indispensable part of the Assamese culture and hence, are abundant in number. Here we attempt to answer this! Mekhela Chador is the traditional dress for Assamese women, worn by women of all ages except children. Gamusa is medium-sized clothing with versatile uses. The state has a plethora of festivals, among which the most important one is undoubtedly Bihu. Ali Ai Ligang. Costumes of Women in Karnataka  The traditional clothing for women in Karnataka is saree. Other dishes include Xaak aru bhaji (meaning herbs and vegetables), Aloo Pitika, among others. Each tribal group in the state has its own distinct style of dressing, which is quite different from the other tribal group’s style. TARA BHUYAN. Traditional Dress of Assam. The worms which produce Muga silk is Antehra Assam. Assam has a rich culture and tradition. The most popular of the sweet dishes is undoubtedly Pitha, which is prepared from rice. Assam is a place with deep cultural roots and the people here take pride in the refinement of their cultural roots. Situated in the northeastern region of India, Assam shares its borders with the neighbouring countries, Bhutan and Bangladesh, and the states of West Bengal, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, and Arunachal Pradesh. The people of Assam are known for their great skill in weaving and it is a major occupation of the state. Assam culture and tradition, assam cultural life,The people of Assam are a mixture of Mongolian, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian and Aryan origin. Assam is surrounded by seven northeastern states in India. Mekhela Chador:-. There is one ensemble that can be called the traditional costume of the Assamese women. Women typically wear the Mekhela Chador, which is a two-piece garment and is worn by women of all ages. So, people of these places almost follow the same culture and like to wear the similar types of dresses. Men resort to wearing the Dhoti and the Gamosa. It is a unique concoction of Lungi and Aanchal. Find assamese traditional dress stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. The costumes of Rajasthani people are designed by keeping in mind the weather and local conditions. The state has mesmerizing greenery along with rivers such as the Brahmaputra and Subansiri, which add to its beauty. Once Gandhiji complimented Assamese weavers as an artist who could weave dreams in their looms. This 2 piece ... Dhoti and Gamosa:-. See more ideas about People dress, Traditional dresses, Assam. The rich Assam culture and heritage is also reflected in its natural beauty. For weddings it is preferred that the Mekhla Chadar is made of Muga silk and is often woven with Gold and Silver Zari threads. The pieces of jewelry are usually handmade with gold and silver. Image – Rita Willaert via Flickr This piece is called the Mekhela. A group of Bihu dancers. The rich culture of Maharashtra is reflected in their clothing, and the beautiful traditional dresses of Maharashtra enthrall many. These traditional and cultural dresses are exported throughout India and other parts of the world. Costumes of Women in Rajasthan Women of Rajasthan wear a long skirt called Ghaghra, Choli or Kurti (blouses and tops) with an Odhini. Both men and women put on colorful and beautifully designed costumes to show the great ambiance of this northwestern state of India. Now commonly used, it embodies the culture of the Gond tribe of Madhya Pradesh. Beshoma. Bihu is celebrated by everyone in the state with much pomp and joy. A wide range of silks can be found in this place to choose from and design beautiful dresses. The culture of Bihar, an eastern state of India, includes various unique forms … Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Ghaghra is commonly unfolded from the lo, Whether you talk about West Bengal or Bangladesh, the traditional culture of both the places is same. Bihar: Bihari culture. Today’s contemporary society is influenced by the dressing and unique style of wearing dresses of the inhabitants of Karnataka. We bring you a few traditional dresses of the different tribes in the states: Dimasa Tribe. The Dhoti is used to cover the lower half of the ... Mekhela Chador - The Traditional Dress of … Among other Assamese Traditional Dresses, one can easily recognize a Mishing woman’s mekhela chador by noting its color which is usually black and hand woven geometric designs covering the border lining of the Mekhela as well as the blouse. Gamusa is the primary or main traditional dress in Assam which has a supreme cultural significance. Women usually wear Chador and Mekhela while men wear Gamosa and Dhoti during the performance. Komolar Kheer, Bora Chaulor Payas, Xutuli Pithaare are among the other quite popular sweet delicacies of the state. The diversity of the state is prevalent in its food culture as well. Karbi Traditional Dresses For Men Wearing Choi Apong or Choi Hongthor The very first one is Choi Hanhthor or Choi Apong. Appealing clothing and jewelries for people are worn by considering the desert land and the surrounding atmosphere. The traditional dress for the men of Assam is the Dhoti and Gamosa. Each of these tribes has its own unique culture, tradition, lifestyle and clothing. Muga silk comes from the land of one of the seven sisters – Assam. The Bohag Bihu (held in mid-April) declares the onset of the agricultural season, Kati Bihu, (celebrated in mid-October), and Magh Bihu (mid-January) celebrates the end of the harvest season. The Mekhela Chadors are usually found in three varieties and are differentiated on the basis of the silk being used in its manufacturing. Assam is known as the “Gateway to northeast India” due to its pivotal position in the northeastern part of India. The state is home to several tribal groups and each group has its own traditions that differ from each other. It is usually available in white color with red motifs. The traditional dresses of Assam consist of the Muga or the golden silk fibre which has a huge demand in the global market. The most prominent and popular dance form of Assam is undoubtedly the Bihu dance. The Northeastern India is an unexplored mine bursting to the seems with cultural diversity. Men resort to wearing the Dhoti and the Gamosa. Dried fish is also a common delicacy of the state. Traditional Attires worn by the different Tribes of Assam Assam is the home to a variety of racial stocks such as Monogrid, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian, and Aryan. Weaving is a traditional craft of the Assamese and every woman takes the pride of their handloom possessions. Here is a list of the traditional dresses of the major tribes that reside in Assam. We offer very reasonable price and value to our designer who invest lots of time and skills in making these hand woven products. However, they don’t use it specifically like Sador-Mekhela and Dhoti-Kurta.

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