It was such a lovely surprise to come home to and we really appreciate it. By Rich Harvey, CEO & Founder,, By Guest Blogger, Leanne Pilkington, Managing Director, Laing & Simmons and President REINSW, By Guest Blogger, Pete Wargent,  Next Level Wealth -, © Copyright 2020 Propertybuyer | Privacy Statement, Find Your Dream Home or Investment Property With. As one of the more sought-after investment property specialists in Sydney, we make it our top priority to steer and guide our clients to buy property at the right price. Helen and David. Your professionalism, responsive service has been great, but more importantly you have been a delight to deal with!! If you're in Sydney looking to purchase an investment property or just a new home, you'll benefit greatly from the knowledge of an experienced Buyer's Agent. Given the time differences, and the need to be 'on the ground' finding the best property, winning the bid and closing this is something that I could not have done by myself remotely. Just because a property looks good on paper does not mean it’s right for you. A licensed agent with interior design qualifications, Janne has expertise in every stage of the buying process, from sourcing the property to negotiating the sale, handling legal issues and managing the move. A buyer’s agent is an expert that specialises in purchasing properties. Peter checked the property I was looking at to make sure that it was a good property we decided it was he did steer me away from another property I looked at that was not a good property so that was a saving. As an expat in the US, this service has been invaluable. I believe every Australian deserves to buy property with an expert. Sincerely, Buyers Agent Sydney Real Estate Buyers Agent Specialist, Sydney, Australia Whether you’re a First Home Buyer looking to purchase your first property, a family upgrading to a larger home, or an experienced investor who would like to leverage and grow your existing property portfolio, a Search Find Invest Buyers Agent can … A deep understanding of the fast-moving Sydney market and a strong network of Selling Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Solicitors - Michelle’s team will help you secure … Whether you are looking to purchase a family home, prestige or off-market property or your next real estate investment, Propertybuyer can help you find the right property for the right … I looked at about seven properties this one was by far the best and I really wanted it. Thankfully we’d had a great experience buying an investment apartment in Manly with PK Property a few years ago. If you are thinking about engaging Propertybuyer, consider it! Get Rich Harvey’s market updates & insights, delivered hot off the press. Our real estate buyers agent in Sydney provides you with detailed reports and in depth analysis, to assist with your buyer requirements and decision making process. This differs from a regular real estate agent who represents the seller, we solely look after you, the buyer. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to buy property to engage PK, you won’t regret it. Amanda On My Side offers exceptional buyers agent services throughout Sydney. We are highly trained in research and negotiation strategies to deliver you the perfect property that matches all your criteria. This can result in poor decisions and difficulty negotiating to a fair price without going over your limit. Thank you for the kind gift and all the work that you both did in getting Carine and I a place we are really happy with at a good price. About us. They work exclusively for the Buyer and have comprehensive experience in the searching, evaluating, and negotiating of the purchase of a property. Once again I can’t thank you enough for all your help during this process. In both cases I’ve saved six figures and only paid Peter a fraction of what he saved so I believe it was a great return on investment but more importantly I had a huge advantage compare to most buyers and I ended up with both the properties I wanted and I paid less than I would’ve paid by myself. Thanks Peter & Lauren for assisting in securing the purchase of my apartment. My service is designed to make buying cheaper than doing it yourself. Because we are working in these areas on a daily basis, as your buyers advocates, we can give you the upper hand. If you’d find a testimonial helpful in any way, here’s my draft: Fortunately, Nicole Jacobs is an agent you can trust. Not sure whether to use a buyers’ agent? PK Property is proud to have been part of the purchase of over 2000 properties … One thing that I find quite frustrating is that most people stop the education process when school or university finishes. Whether you are a first home buyer, seasoned investor looking for a prestige residence or an apartment, she … An experienced buyer’s agent is indispensable for clients who want to find the right properties for the right price. With offices in the Sydney CBD and Mosman, we service all areas of Sydney including: Upper North Shore | Lower North Shore | Eastern Suburbs | Inner West | Northern Beaches | Northern Suburbs | Hills District | South Sydney | Western Suburbs | Central Coast, Learn About Our buyer's agent Fees & Services. We understand the key market drivers and can easily and quickly interpret current conditions to forecast future changes and determine property values. Regards Thank you for everything. The Buyers Agent Accelerator program is our flagship product that some people refer to as their ‘Business In a Box’, this is designed to be completed in 8 weeks. Buyers Agent Sydney. ", “It was great – we got the place below our maximum.”, Find Your Ideal Home Or Investment Property. ... I’m a buyers agent based in Sydney … Your strategy was brilliant. We’ll keep you in check. But I’ve come to realise since then is even though I’m very good at selling I don’t buy and sell properties every day for a living It was great – we got the place below our maximum. We had another buyers agent to compete with and we purchased a property for less than the other people offered but we had strategically placed ourselves in the agents office with the seller and they excepted our offer due to convenience and timing it was an afternoon on a weekday. A property just below the property I wanted to purchase sold for 1.3 million setting the benchmark for us to work off making my property worth somewhere around 1.1 to 1.2 being slightly smaller in land size Peter contacted the previous selling agent to find out who bought it why they bought it and also why they were selling and why they didn’t realistic with him and got all sorts of intelligence I did not have access to. Not sure whether you’re quite ready to make your purchase? And Its not just about saving money – you will save time, have less anxiety and most importantly, have a better chance of securing that little slice of Sydney that you have always dreamed about.”. Many Thanks An independent Buyers Agent since 2008, Michelle and her team have bought countless properties for home-buyers, investors and commercial buyers. While he was doing that I was in the city presenting to an audience of business owners making sales for my business. We are very excited about the property and glad Peter could get is across the line. I had a huge advantage over most buyers, ended up with both the properties and I paid less than I would’ve paid by myself! Find your ideal job at SEEK with 193 buyers agent jobs found in All Australia. The Buyers’ Agent elective course focuses on the specialist skills and knowledge required to represent a buyer in the sales transaction. I was aware of Peter for years but never involve the buyers agent when I purchased my first three or four properties. Buyer’s Agent Sydney. A buyer’s agent will typically provide a wide variety of … Between your amazing search skills and Peter’s incredible local knowledge, negotiation skills, and reputation of buying hundreds of properties in the area we knew we were in the best qualified hands from day one. Many properties are sold before they even appear on platforms like, and often these are powerful opportunities with lower competition. Take a look at some of the reasons that property buyers trust Nicole Jacobs over other real estate agents in Sydney. We definitely wouldn’t have moved through the process as easily without your great service partners, advice and candour.   It focuses on developing the profile of the services of a buyers’ agent to identify potential clients and markets and promote buyers’ agent services. We are delighted that we chose to use a buyers agent and thrilled to have worked with the PK Property team to secure our new home. Will The Capital City Exodus Continue? "Matt Corbett from Propertybuyer worked with us on overcoming any concerns about lack of control being overseas. Cheers, Edwin S. You really made the experience so much easier by providing daily updates on properties etc and responding so quickly, Hi Eleanor & Peter, Sydney buyers agents serving the Sydney metropolitan area. I also relied on Peter's advice on pricing. I hope this is helpful if you have any follow-up questions just reply I’m sorry about the formatting but I just dictated this as I’m heading to the airport right now to fly between the Philippines and FlorenceI hope this is helpful if you have any follow-up questions just reply I’m sorry about the formatting but I just dictated this as I’m heading to the airport right now to fly between the Philippines and Florence via San FLorida via San Francisco, Receive our monthly market property update, in property purchased on behalf of clients, properties purchased since opening in 1997, PK's Sydney Property Market Update December 2020, Australia’s home price growth expected to be ‘brisk’ as recession ends. If you're looking for a buyers advocate or a buyers agent Sydney, call House Search Australia. Kind regards and thanks again Emma & Paul, Your local insight and real estate experience made such a difference, guiding us to the right decision. - November 2020, This Is What’s Happening With The Commercial Property Markets - November 2020, Overcoming Real Estate Buying Jitters - November 2020, 10 Must-Know Tactics To Simplify the Home Buying Process. FINALIST: Buyers Agent of the Year! We are very thankful for your assistance in procuring 20 Watkins Road. I would’ve paid $105,000 more if I had attempted to buy this property at auction or earlier than auction because I quite liked it I now live in this place. Your advice and calm and confident approach made all the difference. Over the years local buyers, interstate relocations, Australian expatriates and foreign … Our services cover all aspects of the real estate purchasing process. Even if you are not overseas as it takes the stress out of auction. I recently purchased my second property, and given the particular dynamics of the Sydney market, I don't think I would have even found the property that I eventually purchased if I was doing the work myself. For me and most likely you also if you are reading this, you know that this is the time when you really need to take it up a gear and invest in experts to build your knowledge and use their skills to build your wealth. Whether you are looking to purchase a family home, prestige or off-market property or your next real estate investment, Propertybuyer can help you find the right property for the right price. Sydney Buyers Agents – Good Deeds Property Buyers help busy home owners and investors find and secure the RIGHT property within Sydney’s best suburbs at the right price. Every week there is live group sessions, also called ‘Kaizen’ clinics. Stacy your efforts and relationships with agents to find us all the off market properties in the area proved to be our advantage in this fast market. Sydney is a great market to invest in. “If its wasn’t for Matt we would have either paid more than what we did or not secured the property at all. Buyers’ agents help home buyers and investors make smarter property decisions by providing independent advice on locations, property types and the negotiation process. Who Uses Us. I’m licensed in NSW, VIC, QLD. all the best - Kassie. Hunter James buyers agent Sydney exist to make the buying process simple and rewarding, giving you the competitive edge and guidance to make the right … Click here to see what we can do for you. Without a buyer’s agent, Sydney, Brisbane, and Newcastle real estate investors are at the mercy of seller’s agents, who will only show properties they list, as opposed to properties that meet the needs of you, the savvy buyer. We’ll evaluate opportunities based on your specific wants and needs (mixed in with our expertise and recommendatons). Most purchasers think that they need to provide a bank or personal cheque for the 10% deposit to secure a property. It was really great having you to help us navigate through the all whole process especially in such crazy and uncertain times. A very happy Christmas to all! While a buyer's agent has the potential to save you money, there's no guarantee they will – or even can – save you money. Experienced Buyers Agents in Sydney Let PK do the House Hunting and Negotiating for you. Investment Property Buyers’ Agent – Sydney. A property buyers agent, also known as property finders or a buyers advocate, can help find, research and bid on your next home or investment property. We are exclusively on your side! Let Australia’s most awarded buyers’ agents help you find the perfect property that ticks all the boxes, whether you’re looking for your dream home, an investment property that really measures up, or any other real estate purchase. Steve and Kaity. Dean Berman buyers agent reviews. PK Property is proud to have been part of the purchase of over 2000 properties for clients since we introduced Buyer's Agents to the Sydney marketplace in 1997, with a combined value over $2 Billion. Give us a call on +61 2 9960 1066, or send us a callback request using the form below. Ben, You both work quick, which is crucial in this current competitive market. A few weeks ago Peter help me buy another place which was supposed to go to auction. The major variables of property investing in the Sydney market, come down to two important factors: The timing of when you buy and when you sell. We also specialise in finding off-market properties! Our clients preferred the Sydney Eastern Suburbs as they had a boat and wanted to get out onto the water but didn’t think they could afford a home close to the ocean and to the city, and thought they would have to live further out, … You really made the experience so much easier by providing daily updates on properties etc and responding so quickly. A good buyer's agent will save you a lot of time and give you good strategies and advice," says Rich Harvey, a Sydney buyer's agent who runs Engage a professional real estate buyers agent to help you find the best property at the right price. Our Buyers' Agents will search, negotiate and secure your ideal property at the best price. . Your advice and calm and confident approach made all the difference, Hi Peter and Lauren, Propertybuyer buyers' agents have helped thousands of people in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane find and secure property at the right price. Given the volume of properties he purchases for clients, he really understands the Sydney property market and gave me great advice on when to pull back and not overpay. CAPITAL CITIES. Many thanks Dimity & Sienna. Leave it to the experts at propertybuyer who do it every day for a living. At that time I was Australia’s leading salesperson for Mercedes-Benz and it was well within my scope to be a very good negotiator and understand the sales cycle. These are carried out to focus on optimisation and implementation. Future Habitat is a buyers agent in Sydney offering a home buying experience that is enjoyable and strategic at the same time.. As a property buyer, you will have the expertise of an exceptional buyers agent working for you to find your dream home for the right price. 3. Here’s what you can expect if you partner with one of our buyers' advocates today. If you’re buying a property or investing in real estate it’s smart to have an experienced property expert in your corner. As a rough guide, Sydney buyer’s agents tend to charge between $5,000 and $15,000 if they have a flat fee, or between 1.5% and … As an Exclusive Buyers Agent we combine each of these prerequisites with 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, enabling our clients to purchase property on the best possible terms, with total confidence. Plugging away at a search engine would have only shown me properties that everyone else was bidding on. It’s our vision to provide you with unparalleled customer service combined with our expert knowledge and extensive market experience. It is “who you know” in real estate and having a good relationship with and understanding of local sales agents is crucial to uncovering potential opportunities and getting the best deal. After over 20 years in our family home, finding our new next space was going to be quite a process. Our Sydney buyers agent keeps in mind the budget, size, location and other specific requirements you might have in order to secure the right property on your behalf. -- I deal with every type of buyer. Our buyers' agents have the insider knowledge and expertise to find you the best property that fits your individual criteria. Wouldn’t of got it without your help for that price and that swiftly. We look forward to sharing a glass or two with you at Watkins Road. Simply fill in your property brief or give us a call and one of our buyers' agents will get in touch to help you take the next steps to finding your ideal property. As Sydney’s premier buyers’ agents and advocates, we specialise in finding and securing property for the discerning buyer in the right location and at the right price. Its false economy to try to handle the buying process on your own. Sydney’s real estate market is a complex one, but with the proper knowledge and application of the appropriate … If you're in Sydney looking to purchase an investment property or just a new home, you'll benefit greatly from the knowledge of an experienced Buyer's Agent. Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs are geographically defined as being anything East of the CBD, bordered by the harbor and the ocean. We loved it from our first visit and were worried that we might not get it, or at least at a good price. Australian economists and property forecasters are predicting faster than expected growth in house prices in 2021, following news on…. Made the purchasing process less stressful and I appreciated your feedback on the market and continual advice. View all our buyers agent vacancies now with new jobs added daily! Thanks to Peter and Lauren at PK Property and I look forward to buying the next one. Thanks again Peter, Peter advise me not to bring the sale forward and we would write it out to the auction because he didn’t feel there was much interest in the property this turned out to be the case because on auction day it was raining it was miserable and very few people showed up in the auction was called off. Our buyers' agents can help you drastically reduce stress, save you time and reduce costs involved in buying property or with your next property investment purchase. The property I had located was closer to the beach the most properties it also had an extra bathroom then most properties and it was a perfect seller looking to downsize.

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