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S. R. Warner

Nice Start is just as the title suggests… a nice start to thinking or re-thinking about your life. Included are many chapters that allow you to read the author’s perspective on his life and then gives you a chance to reflect upon your own. Nothing too long and drawn out but a clean, simple, effective, easy read.

Are you interested in improving your world? Buy this book and share it with loved ones. Someone recently suggested to me that it would be a great read to share with my 13-yr-old daughter – I totally agree! I was so focused on myself with this book and am thrilled that I can read it with my husband and kids.

Christine Cruver

Reading Mark’s book has helped me become more at peace with who I am and patient with the person I am becoming. I have learned to be less self-critical and more free in how I think. I have learned to reflect more and listen to my heart as I visualize my future.

Christine Cruver, Owner, Simetra Strategies

Christy Scattarella

Nice Start is insightful, mind-altering and pure pleasure to read. As with a great whodunit, you can’t put the book down. Only the mystery being revealed is you. Who knew that self-discovery could be so much fun?

Christy Scattarella, Executive Director, The Shadow Project

Professor Helen Rothberg

Mark Chussil has given us a simple, honest, and basic gift — an endearing way to engage in dialogue with ourselves. At the end of this meaningful journey, there we are — happy to know, embrace, and celebrate our own magnificence.

Professor Helen Rothberg, Marist College