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Daniel Quinn

Nice Start made me think of the Cullinan. Not a 540 carat diamond but rather 540 one-carat diamonds. A treasury of mind-expanding adventures, full of wisdom and sudden insights that take the reader by surprise.

Daniel Quinn is the author of Ishmael

Jeffrey Zaslow

Nice Start is so much more than that. In thought-provoking exercises that invite you to trust your own instincts, Mark Chussil helps walk you into a mindset of self-discovery that might just change your life.

Jeffrey Zaslow, The Wall Street Journal, co-author of The Last Lecture and Highest Duty

John Gray, Ph.D.

Nice Start is fascinating and powerful. It will help you discover how to think deeply and differently about yourself, and help you get more of what you want in your life. You’ll be very glad you read this book.

John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Phoebe Anderson

Nice Start is simply brilliant. In easy, authentic language, and with depth, honesty, sensitivity and wisdom, Mark skillfully weaves personal stories, deep reflections and whips of humor with those of classic and contemporary thinkers as he guides readers into self-reflection about life possibilities and choices. A bonus: insight to the human side of this high-powered technologist, strategist, businessman and author. Certainly a beautiful gift to give and a guide to keep for a lifetime.

George Sousa

There are books that you remember fondly. Then there are books like Nice Start that, like a companion, influence your destiny. This is more that just a book.

George Sousa, Owner, V.I.A. Training Group

Larry Brooks

Mark Chussil has achieved that rarest of accomplishments in self-enrichment literature: a book that is every bit as interactive as it is expository, offering succinct gems of wisdom with brilliantly-designed reader exercises. It’s organized as a roadmap to the potholes on life’s highway — or, put more positively, a guide to its most interesting vistas and turnouts.

Read it with relish. This is real wisdom.

Larry Brooks, bestselling novelist

Babette Bensoussan

Nice Start is so lovely and so helpful to the soul. It is a wonderful, gentle, and inspiring approach to the things in life that matter.

Babette Bensoussan, Managing Director, The MindShifts Group (Australia)

Professor John Ward

Nice Start first motivates and inspires you to personal action, then it gives you great tools to make it happen.

Professor John Ward, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Sean A. Campbell

What I like best about Mark’s book is that he has made the brave leap into writing about his own personal experiences vs. simply writing about a set of industry trends or about a meme that just happens to be popular within the business community today.

And while Mark has great gifts as a consultant only a certain breed of person is willing to lay out some of their personal experiences in such a public forum.

Lastly, Mark’s recounting of a selection of the experiences he has had is carried off with a grace and dignity that makes it easy to see how these remembrances contain a broader message than can help anyone move forward.

Sean A. Campbell is co-owner of Cascade Insights.

G. M. Beatty-Tinsay

I read this book before spending a week as a group facilitator/leader at a week-long leadership conference designed for young professionals. Taking some cues from Nice Start I had a lot of great questions to ask myself and grapple with, as well as questions and ideas to use in my presentations and facilitation. I was pleased to discover that I was able to uncover a whole new level with the groups I worked with. Using the exercises, ideas, and questions from Nice Start allowed me to direct the presentation in an organic and fluid way that was very eye opening for both large groups and smaller more intimate conversations.

Nice Start is one of those books that you can work through in any order that you wish, at any pace you wish. It’s there for you when you need it, and has been a valuable jump start for my thoughts and ideas when I’m running up against blocks.

I recommend this book for anybody who is working on bettering themselves, or whom interacts with others mindfully and with the heart of a servant, in other words, anybody who considers themselves to be a true leader!