I read this book before spending a week as a group facilitator/leader at a week-long leadership conference designed for young professionals. Taking some cues from Nice Start I had a lot of great questions to ask myself and grapple with, as well as questions and ideas to use in my presentations and facilitation. I was pleased to discover that I was able to uncover a whole new level with the groups I worked with. Using the exercises, ideas, and questions from Nice Start allowed me to direct the presentation in an organic and fluid way that was very eye opening for both large groups and smaller more intimate conversations.

Nice Start is one of those books that you can work through in any order that you wish, at any pace you wish. It’s there for you when you need it, and has been a valuable jump start for my thoughts and ideas when I’m running up against blocks.

I recommend this book for anybody who is working on bettering themselves, or whom interacts with others mindfully and with the heart of a servant, in other words, anybody who considers themselves to be a true leader!